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traineeship topics at ARDIA are defined and selected in order meet perfectly the needs of our projects and customers in terms of technical resources and skills.

Trainees during their internships are required to carry out research and development work with tangible results.

To motivate them, an internship allowance is assigned to the trainees.

Selection process:

The selection process takes place according to the following steps:

  1. Application by sending CV (mail addressed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. indicating in the email the number and title of the traineeship )
  2. Pre-selection CV
  3. Convocation for technical tests and interviews with managers
  4. Calling for interviews with the HR department
  5. Final selection following technical tests and interviews with the managers and the HR department
  6. Signature of the traineeship agreement and integration within our teams


A traineeship supervisor will be assigned to each trainee to ensure:

  • Technical supervision to guide the trainee and help make the right technical choices
  • The integration of the trainee in the team in a human and technical optics.


The outcome of traineeship in ARDIA is a job, in fact, during this phase, students will be observed, evaluated and rated by their managers on various aspects (technical, human, autonomy, force proposal, regular attendance ...), if the results are sucessful, the internship leads naturally to a job offer.