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Product Offer

Mechanical Design Manufacturing Service Manufacturing Service
Conception mécanique

To carry on developping the electronic hardware aswell as the softwares for our embedded products, ARDIA realizes the design of its mechanical parts to meet the manufacturing requirements which are subjected.

In conjunction with the electronics' team, the mechanical team ensures the development of the project starting from the preliminary design targetting the prototyping phase and the beginning of mass production.

In order to do this, we should stick to the following steps:

  • A pre-coordinated study with electronic and industrial teams: the choice of materials, and the location of bulky parts.
  • A Detailed study: Sizing and Chains of dimensions, vibration simulation, static and thermal, draft the technical drawings.
  • Prototyping and Validation of thermomechanical tests.

Our expertise:

  • molded part design (Plastics, metal-alloys, rubber)
  • Sheet metal
  • Extrusion
  • Design Parts
  • Set Mechanics
Service Manufacturing

The establishment of the necessary tools to start production is a major factor in the success of a specific project. To get this end, ARDIA ensures that the implemented means are in line with the requirements of the production process. ARDIA is mobilized to design and implement the appropriate tools for production.

Our Expertise:

Support manufacturing:

  • Brazing frames and painting frames
  • Laying operation , specific equipment, ...
  • Cooperating with local lsuppliers (machining, wiring, ...),

Functional Tester :

Service Manufacturing

Electronic Expertise:

  • Electronic Development;
  • Routing 
  • Development of the functional test means that are suitable for mass production
  • Design of Functional Testers according to the notions of Quality, Cost and Time
  • Ensuring the production of testing means
  • Providing FPY technical rate followed by the testing means in pre-production phase
  • Management Technical Evolutions testers
  • Resolving the testing means issues (Expertise, Corrective Action, Upgrading, etc. ..)
  • Development of functionnal book of specifications.

Software Offer

Embedded Software Development Diagnostics Software Offer Validation Unit Testing

The Department of Embedded Systems in ARDIA offers design services, development and validation of embedded software on a variety of hardware platforms. The applications are made for power management systems for industrial vehicles, multiplexing systems for buses, dashboard, telematics ...

ARDIA is specialized in the development of embedded systems for:

  • Bus and Car
  • Trucks
  • Special Vehicles

Our teams deal with all levels of the software structure:

  • Driver layers (Low layer)
  • Management Layers (Middleware)
  • Application layers (High layer)
développement logiciels

Les développements se font à l’aide de langages adaptés aux contraintes embarquées et temps réel (C, C++, Assembleur, CGI, JavaScript, VB Script) sur des OS temps réel du marché (CoLinux, Debian, GIT...) ou développés spécifiquement pour vos besoins.
Nos ingénieurs maitrisent les architectures standard des processeurs (ARM, PowerPC ...) et interviennent sur tout type de microcontrôleurs : Fujitsu, Infineon, FREESCALE, NXP, PIC and ST target.
ARDIA veille à mettre en place les outils et les méthodes répondant aux exigences des projets de nos clients et du domaine."

Developments are using adapted language to embedded and real-time constraints (C, C ++, Assembler, CGI, JavaScript, VB Script) on the real-time OS market (coLinux, Debian, ... GIT) or developed specifically for your needs.
Our engineers master the standard processor architectures (ARM, PowerPC ...) and treats any type of microcontrollers: Fujitsu, Infineon, FREESCALE, NXP, ST and PIC target
ARDIA shall put in place the tools and methods that meet the requirements of our customers' projects and field.

Our expertise:

  • Development C / C++ / Shell / HTML/CGI / XML
  • Development drivers Linux (char): GPIO, ADC, PWM,... (with or without interruptions)
  • Development on u-boot
  • Integration of new divers and kernel integration
  • Auto-built Systems: ltib, Buildroot, YOCTO, ptxdist
  • Plateforms such as TGU/TGU1A/TGU2, imx5, imx6, TI AM335x, LPC2468/LPC2478
  • Integration, developement and QTdebugging
  • Intgration, deployment and development of G-streamer
  • Integration and mobiles' devices use (ppp, gsmmuxd, routing ...)
  • Integration and using WIFI devices (wpa_supplicant, wireless-tools)
  • CAN development driver (SocketCAN API), protocoles (J1939, SmartCraft, NMEA2000) and use of CAN linux tools
  • GPS NMEA0183 Protocole
  • Web servers (boa, lighttpd, thttpd)
  • Integration and deployment of servers added to clients of version management (SVN, Git)
  • Deployment of IDEs within Linux: Eclipse-CDT, Code::Blocks, Geany...
  • Configuration and kernel compilation
  • Developement of drivers's Chart within linux,
  • Integration of drivers with the new versions of linux kernel Portage,
  • Developement of communication's modules: GSM, 3G, Wifi, GPS, CAN , Ethernet
  • Embedded web server, lighttpd, boa,
  • Protocol TCP/UDP, PPP, CAN, nat
  • Software of c-file creation for linux system : buildroot, ptxdist, Yocto
  • Design and developement of driver / firmwares for embedded calculators (with or without OS)
  • Expertise and standardizing the standards of automotive communication's tools (CAN / LIN / ETHERNET / SPI / UDS / ISO13400 DoIP / ISO15765 DoCAN / J1939 ...)

The automotive sector is dealing with real technological explosion: currently, electronic innovations render the routine maintenance more demanding and more complicated. In this context, ARDIA offers to its customers a range of suitable electronic diagnostics' tools that meet the needs of the automotive market.

Since its creation, ARDIA acquired a real expertise in the development of automotive diagnostic software in order to meet the requirements of its international customers.
acquired a real expertise in the development of automotive diagnostic software in order to meet the requirements of its international customers.



Our engineers, had been following specific and periodic training cycles to make the diagnosis according to their craft.

Our expertise:

  • Protocols ECU (DiagOnCAN, J1850, J1939, UDS, KWP2000, VAGOnCan, KWOnCan, VOLVOD2, BOSCH, Legacy protocols, PSA2 ...)
  • Development Environments diagnostic tools ACTIDIAG AUTHOR
  • ECU Pacemakers: CANalyzer, NetWay, AT-Diag, ActiSim (multi-protocol simulators and multi-bus)
  • Configuration management tools (CVS, SVN ...)

ARDIA support you in all phases of Design, realization and Maintenance of your specific packages and software.

The software development in ARDIA is based on:

  • Development of web applications
  • Runtime Diagnostics
  • Technical Inspection
  • Data management tools
Outils logiciel

Our Expertise:

  • C ++ / QT, Java, C #, XML, XML, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS
  • Qt Framework, J2EE, JSF, PrimeFaces, RichFaces, Zend
  • Methodology: Scrum
  • Database: PostgreSQL, MySQL, ORACLE
  • Development Environment Visual Studio 6.0 / 2005/2010, Delphi, C ++ Builder, Eclipse
  • Architectures client / server n-tier

The system and software testing is an activity that involves a lot of knowledge and know-how to get the desired result:  
« Right the first time. ».

This means:

  • Requirements of Management Tool and validation plan writing
  • Management Tool and archiving of anomalies: Mantis, Bugzilla and Jira
  • Banks of manual or automatic tests, coupled with scripting engines such as Docklight Canalyser or CANOE
  • The generation devices and conventional measures such as GBF or digital oscilloscope

Our Expertise:

Intervention starting from the needs analysis ending to the recipe:

  • Critical customer specifications
  • Validation Plan Writing
  • Setting up the test environment
  • Passage testing and management of anomalies

Intervention on several levels:

  • Validation of the lower layers: Verification of the various APIs of a platform which is relative to pre-defined requirements.
  • Validation of software applications: verification of the various modules of a product which is compared to pre-defined requirements
  • System Validation: validation of the overall system behavior and the interaction between its various components

Responding to several types of products:

  • Embedded Calculators
  • PC Tools
  • Web applications
  • Android applications

Unit tests are designed to test a portion of the code by testing it in different conditions in order to detect anomalies impeding the proper performance of the software.

Our Expertise:

  • Implementing a test environment: Checking the configuration options, options' analysis and creation of the source files.
  • Preparation of a test plan: The plan is developped based on the specifications set by the client.
  • Running Tests: Creating a test sequence for each function.
  • Measuring the effectiveness of the tests.

Certification qualification engineering

Thermomechanical qualifications EMC Product Certification Eco-Design Fire & Smokes IMDS Reliability AMDEC Electronic expertise

Mechanical qualifications of electric and an electronic equipments are performed to assess its behavior in concrete conditions of use by executing mechanical stresses (impact, vibration, acceleration, etc.).

Qualification testing in thermal, vibration, saline mist cycles, and/or combined vibration/thermal testing : 

  • Temperature tests between - 70°C and +200°C and humidity tests between 10% and 98% Hr
  • Temperature variations up to 20°C per minute
  • Thermal shock between - 70°C and +200°C
  • Simulation of transport conditions
  • Simulation of real conditions of use

Our knowledge

  • Testing by sampling (AQ)
  • Search for operating limits
  • Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT)
  • Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS)
  • Test bench design for special projects…

Through our local partners, ARDIA can manage EMC testing and qualification offers through one-stop service:

  • Bench (ISO Auto), ISO 7637
  • Civil Trials (IEC EN 61000-4-x, IEC61000-3-x)
  • Delisted Emissions CISPR 15/17/22/25

Certification of C

  • CE
  • UL
  • e-Mark
  • SIL, ...
  • Product certification
  • Maintenance of e/E-Mark certifications
  • Analysis of recycling of substances according to the standards of ISO 22628 and the Directive of 2006/12/CE and EN 15380-2
  • Valorization of nomenclatures
  • Analysis of fire and smoke according to the norms of NFF16 101/102, EN-45545 EN 50264, EN 50306, EN50382
  • Attempting both fire and smoke and assessment of systems
  • Industry f the two sectors of railway and aircraft
  • Material declaration under IMDS database
  • IMDS reports Maintenance
  • Substance analyses per GADSL, REACH XIV, Conflict Mineral, etc..
  • Calcul de fiabilité (MTBF, MTTF, FIT,..)
  • RAMS monitoring
  • AMDEC et analyse des risques

Main skills:

  • Microcontroller based design
  • Wireless transceiver design
  • Simple analogue development
  • IMDS, REACH directives compliancy and report
  • FMEA, calculations/simulation

Development tools:

  • ALTIUM DESIGNER (Layout and simulation)
  • Orcad 16 (schematics)
  • Doors (specification and validation dossier)

Main targets:

  • Continue designing electronic boards
  • Design simple products